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CamGirlClubs respects the performers. Unlike so-called ‘indie camming sites’ and platforms, CamGirlClubse has no access to your sessions. See #2 in the Agreement (link is below) for details. Others can make this same claim but remember, their Agreements state that they own your content. It’s right there in black and white. Their programs and plugins record your shows. You figure it out.

  1. Download this performers code of conduct & terms & conditions
  2. Then, download this Performer Agreement and Release Form for Camgirlclubs and sign it .
  3. Fill out and sign USC 2257 performer record to document your proof of age.
  4. Send signed documents to
Important:  In step 3 above, you will need to send us a clear image of you holding up your ID next to your face. Make sure the ID card is clear and readable.  Use good lighting but be sure there is no glare in the image.

An e-mail will be sent to you shortly, confirming your documents were received and officially welcoming you to CamGirlClubs

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