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Get Started With Skype

Join Skype

Don’t have a Skype account? That’s OK. We all have to start somewhere.



Adding Contacts To Skype

When you are done setting up your account, poke around your Skype settings and look for ways to import contacts. You will see options to import contact lists (Facebook, Outlook, etc.) and search for people, using their e-mail addresses. Try me, for example, by searching “amanda36c” in Skype (“Conacts”, “Add contact”, “Search Skype directory”) and add me. Promote your Skype account as much as you can, to customers that follow you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking platforms. They can find you through a search for either your Skype username or the e-mail address you provided when signing up to Skype.

Setting Up Shows


The scheduling of shows is between you and the customer. You are responsible for keeping track of time on Skype. The duration of shows is entirely up to you.

Remaining Minutes

I recommend the following:

There could be cases where the customer finishes earlier than anticipated by being called off to work or his wife happens to come home early, or well, any variety of other reasons, My recommendation would be to allow him to save time to use at a later date, if he so chooses. I would advise you to keep a note of  any remaining minutes and allow him to use those another day. Skype displays, in the chat, the amount of time spent in video after each session, so it’s very easy to track without the use of a stopwatch.


Session Summary E-mail

This is an example of what I send out to each customer, immediately following the Skype session. The information entered here can be found in the *PAYMENT PROCESSOR* e-mail for his signup. Feel free to customize and use this, if you like.

Hello *JOHN DOE*,
Here’s your up-to-date balance of “live’ Skype show minutes with *YOUR PERFORMER HANDLE*:
Purchased: Subscription #*ENTER THEIR SUBSCRIPTION # HERE* 03/27/14 22:17PM EST 30mins. ($30.00), 
Used: 03/27/14 22:45 22 mins. (This found on Skype chat log: call time)
Remaining “Live Skype Show minutes: 30mins. less 22mins. = 8 mins.
Thank you for using my *YOUR PERFORMER HANDLE* live Skype show service on and I hope you enjoyed the show with me. If you have any questions concerning your “live’ Skype show minutes or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.
In the case of remaining minutes, I send them updates accordingly, showing their minutes elapsed and new count of minutes remaining.


Noteworthy Benefits

  • Think of Skype as your chatroom, where if the person  you’re chatting with (or seducing) wants to go private, all he needs to do is visit your site to purchase time and have you right there and then.
  • In the case of rude people, game players, time-wasters or other pests, you can easily block them using Skype’s block feature (always works, by the way!).
  • You can leave Skype on all day or just for a certain period of time. You can do shows when someone asks for one or have them schedule one with you. The freedom is yours entirely.
  • You can choose to change your Skype status at any time, to “away” “do not disturb”, “invisible” or “offline” and have it appear this way to other users until you manually change it back to show you online again or alternatively, stay in “away” mode forever. The choice is yours.



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