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Promote Your Skype Shows

Make Skype your personal (& private) chatroom


The absolute best place to promote your Skype shows is on Skype itself. Keeping Skype open as long as possible over the course of a day is the best way to be seen.


Be careful not to spam on Skype. When someone asks about a show, refer them to your site.

Don’t accept PayPal, gift cards or Western Union. They offer no age verification assurance whatsoever and can result in you losing your account with them or worse, your Skype can be taken down, as well.


Put your best tweet forward

Twitter has somewhere in the general area of over 500 million users and is one of the best places to promote your business.

Establish a followers list (often others will follow you back). When you do decide to tweet the link to promote your shows, that tweet will be visible to everyone following you, right there on their timeline.

Click here to sign up for a Twitter account


Have a look at Facebook

Facebook has roughly over 1 billion users and is also a great place to promote. Be careful not to post any nudity there. Even frontal can get your account closed.

Facebook has simplified the friend finding concept, so you can quickly and easily find and make new friends there.

Click here to join Facebook



 Some tips


It is a bad idea to offer ‘samples’ to prospective customers for the simple reason that they are not age verified. Never take their ‘word’ for it. Credit card purchases are the safest way to go. Cam checks (a quick viewing so that he can see you are real) are also a bad idea, for the same reason.


Some of the things I do to keep organized are:

Create separate lists for customers, potential customers, friends, associates, camgirls and industry people. This way, I can easily reference who I’ve done shows with before and who I should be leery of.

Keep a note handy of the member information of those who have chosen to save some of their purchased time for a later date.



Protect yourself


Be cautious and cognizant of those in the industry that don’t want to see independent girls succeed. Know the internet laws where pornography is concerned and stay within those boundaries. Also, familiarize yourself with local laws, accordingly.


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