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Video Production – Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to capture, convert, edit and upload videos from live sessions, to display in the members area of your website.

 1) Capture

 If you use the Media Encorder to stream your live shows, next time, when you fire up the encoder, be sure to select Save to File. You can click the Browse button to know where exactly the file is located on your computer. Please note: if your computer runs slow or there seems to be a problem as a result of this, simply close your session, uncheck the box, and don’t do that again until you have a better computer or connection speed, Wilma Flintstone!


 When the session is ended, I close the encoder, as usually and then open the folder on my computer that holds the file (“sample.f4v”). That file now needs to be renamed and converted. I always rename my file (right-click, ‘rename’) just in case I want to convert it later, so I don’t forget because if I do, and then sign into work, the new session’s video will automatically overwrite what I had in “sample.f4v”.

2) Convert

I bought this converter (lifetime license for $29.99). It’s dummy-proof (really simple) and it works awesome. Converts really well. I’ve tried a few programs and this one works best. The output is great.

Whatever converter you decide to use, convert your f4v to H.264 (*.mp4). Depending on the length of your video, this could take awhile. I usually record about 2 hours and the video itself takes about 30 to 45 minutes to convert.

3) Edit

Once your file is converted, you can edit it in almost any program on the market. I use Corel Video Studio Pro X4 (they have a later version ), but there are tons of great ones out there, even some free ones, so look around. Google “free video editing programs”. Careful though, many will claim they’re free but the fine print (if you can even find it) will tell you that it only outputs 60% of your total video or that there will be an overlay, etc. They want you to buy their product. Take your time and test a few out. Be sure to remove them completely from your system after the free trial though, if you don’t intend on keeping them.

When you’re done editing, save the file. You may need to choose the ‘export’ option (File, Export) rather than a simple ‘save’ or ‘save as’. Some programs are a little pushy and want you using their file extensions, but you want to put it where everyone can see it, on your site, so it needs to be in a file that’s .mp4, .wmv or flash.

4) Upload

If you don’t know how to code and don’t have any clue as to how to get the video to display online, here’s a great little program I bought that has a built-in ftp and makes the videos pop up in their own window when the user clicks them.

I can walk you through how to update your members area once you have the program. It’s a matter of grabbing a bit of code from one page and pasting it to another. Not difficult at all and requires literally no knowledge of html or coding.

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