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Go Completely Independent

Fire the websites and go completely independent!

First, allow me to dispel some myths about the sites:

  • Myth #1) The sites bring traffic.
  • Collectively, it is the girls who bring traffic to the sites through social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.


  • Myth #2) A room full of guests = potential $$$.
  • The sites can appear to have traffic but that’s easily faked/manipulated. What matters are your average hourly earnings.  Are you satisfied with yours or would you earn more flipping burgers?


  • Myth #3) You need to sign up under a recruiter.
  • Recruiters are paid by the sites, to sign girls up at lower commission rates so that they make more money by having to pay you less. If you know the most basic thing about how to communicate, tease and perform, you have no use for a recruiter.

What to watch out for:

Brainwashing is a frequent and productive way for the sites to maintain control over us.  It most often occurs in industry forums, where the perpetrators of this action can reach the widest receptive audience while blending right in, camouflaged in classic camgirl style and taking on all the same attitudes, characteristics, mannerisms and lingo of an actual camgirl. The best use of their brainwashing techniques comes in the form of  portraying a completely fictional character to convince their colleagues when traffic (& money) is low and they are at their most vulnerable state, outside factors are to blame. Phrases like “summer slowdown”, “Christmas shopping”, “football Sunday” and a myriad of other poor excuses may provide a great answer to why the sites are all dying  yet can’t, in contrast, answer why they are still in business. Despite earning less than minimum wage at times, their advice (always in ample supply) is “it’s better than working a normal job” and *hint, hint* – you should do like me and resolve to putting in more hours, hustle hustle, stay on longer, set minimum and maximum goals (with no regard for time it takes, only amount of money to reach it) and while we’re not pulling any punches here with insulting the fuck out of you real camgirls, let’s toss in my all-time favorite, the “what other job lets you lie in bed all day doing nothing?” mentality we’re supposed to take on when earnings hit an all-time low! Instead, ask yourself this “What other job pays so little that you can’t even afford to feed your family?”. Maybe getting out of bed isn’t so fucking bad after all if it means survival.

Let’s stop blaming the over-saturated camming industry, shall we? The average camgirl’s inability to earn decent money these days is not as much the result of over-saturation as one might assume, especially when there is no money to be made. Again, this is not the case with the sites, only the camgirls. Live cam sites could not survive, even with revenues upwards of 60% more than what the average camgirl earns. So why are the sites not feeling the same pinch we are, or worse? Because they are making money.

So, do we look to blaming the free sites? Those have been around as long as the internet itself. As new camgirls join the industry, older ones retire from it. As camgirls’ commissions decrease under recruiters that work to give less to the girls and more to the sites, the girls start to look for more steady income, working less hours online.

As a direct result of all this and leading up to my point, many girls have turned to doing Skype shows, but when the sites started to take notice, a desperate move was needed to get their grubby hands into our revenue streams again. They came up with a plot to create payment processors and websites for so-called “independent Skype girls”, allowing the girls to think they have broken free from the sites, when in fact, they are still giving their hard-earned money to these scumbags. They will take refunds and chargebacks, overbill your customers, divert your traffic and outright steal from you. If you don’t believe this, then you have not been in this industry very long, you have not been watching your revenues closely enough or you’ve been brainwashed. Please, for the love of camgirls everywhere and our livelihood, don’t listen to the bull. Trust your own instincts. Trust what you see and not what you hear. I can’t stress this enough. In this industry, everyone is out to help themselves. So when someone claims they want to ‘help’ or ‘promote’ you, be cynical. Don’t trust them or their motives. Don’t sign anything without reading it first and don’t sign if you don’t trust it.

Become ‘truly independent’. Let’s get one thing straight; independent Skype show girls do not use an ‘all-in-one’  video program embedded on their website, payment processing system and billing; That makes you a dependent Skype show performer who is a sucker because she doesn’t even realize that she is having her content ripped off and is likely also being stolen from in enough ways to make her head spin if she ever thought to figure it out! Truly independent Skype show performers have gone through the task of  opening a company, registering a trademark, getting a website to sell content and Skype shows through and marketing themselves. Those are four things you need to do or else suffer at the hands of a webpimp who will eventually take everything you have ever worked for or produced. I know this from personal experience. Let my mistake be your lesson and do those 4 things now.

Follow These Steps

 1. Create a unique handle for yourself.  Click Here
2.   Register your domain and hosting service for your website. Click Here for a list of website hosting services.
3.   You will need to include the following pages on your site Click Here
4.   Choose a payment processor Click Here

 Step 1

Check to be sure the name is available so that you can buy a company under the same name, as well as the dot com, and remember that you will want to use it on social networking sites, for marketing purposes. Try this site, to perform a quick search for the dot com  availability. Register a company in your local area. To keep your name hidden from searches for that company’s owner (yourself), you may need to open an LLC out of Las Vegas, if you are an American. I’m a little fuzzy on the details but a simple Google search will probably help you a lot more than I can.  For other countries, research this to find out what options are available to you. Needless to say, once you have a company, open a bank account for it. Note: To protect your business interests and avoid future hassle, you may also want to consider trademarking that name. Please take the same precautions, if you do. By skipping this step, you are at risk of complicating legal actions working out in your favor, should you decide in the future to file suit for intellectual property theft or any variety of criminal acts done to your business. Please also keep in mind that as a trademark holder, you may need to advise any websites you work on, a change to the contract may be necessary as it conflicts with their claim of ownership of your name. YOU will be the sole owner of that name, as well as any and all content attached to that name.

Step 2

The following are some hosting services with domain registry included:

Important: You might want to pay the extra (it isn’t much; should only be a few dollars more) for Privacy protection for your domain registrant information so no one can see your real name and address. Hosting (recommended)

Choose Best Value *Deluxe $4.49/month for 1 year + Free Domain* (unlimited websites hosting) Offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Must sign up for one year or domain name isn’t free, watch for all added charges if using design templates or services in cPanel.



There are plenty of website hosting companies. This is just one example, suitable for any budget. Be sure to find one that allows adult content websites. Hostgator is cheap as well but has a bad reputation for having many problems and hidden charges, fees and your hosting service (should you decide to change it) would be difficult to move. Proceed with caution.

There are other website hosting companies which might be better suited to you, so shop around before deciding on one. Look at the features included with any of these packages. Keep in mind that bandwidth and disk space are important. If you want a higher quality (with a higher price, of course), you may want to consider Cloud hosting (Google “cloud hosting” to learn more), which will give your website faster speed and better load time for the customer.


Step 3

Most payment processors, as well as Visa and MasterCard, require that your site be in compliance with certain adult industry standards. You must have the following pages on your website:




Terms And Conditions 

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

Copyright Policy

Have someone create you a basic website containing information like what you would want your guests to know about you, complete with some samples (usually just clothed teaser pics and videos to entice guests into wanting to become members).  CamGirl Clubs can provide that service to you at a great low cost. For more information, click here. Here are some samples. If you have someone else do your website, be sure to tell them a gateway will need to be installed for your password-protected members area where your content (nude videos, pics, etc.) will be.

Step 4

Choose your payment processor based on your budget and individual needs. These vary from person to person, so take your time and do a bit of research first. On my site, I use Zombaio but wouldn’t recommend them based on the fact that they have been very late with payments (almost a month normally but mine have often arrived roughly 2 weeks late; once taking up to two months in total) but for the first time in a long time, the last one was actually on time but they took a small chunk of my money from my account with no explanation as to why. After 2 weeks, I am still awaiting an answer. I guess this is where “do as I say, not as I do” applies. The draw with Zombaio and only advantage they have over their competition is that they have no upfront fees and don’t demand access to your Skype sessions, only the gateway to your site to be sure you’re always in compliance with the law. Although I haven’t used any of these personally, I did do my research on them when looking for a payment processor initially and found them to be more reputable and the services offered do seem to cater best to our needs, as adult industry performers. I recommend checking out these other payment processors instead:



Orbital Pay





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  1. Sexy Sahara / Sep 2 2014 7:13 pm

    Thank you for the info Amanda. I always wanted to learn how to do this on my own. If you don’t mind what did it cost you to get your site done?

    • amanda36c / Sep 3 2014 11:03 am

      Hello Sahara,

      I did my site myself, using a free template I found on the internet. I changed it so much, it’s not even recognizable from the original, but that’s only because I know HTML and Javascript and do my own graphics. There are tons of free templates that you can use but you will need to know how to customize them for your site with your own images, videos, text, etc. Or, just hire a (trustworthy) company to do it for you. Be sure to only allow them to do the design though because many will sneakily try to gain access to your content to re-sell. When they’re done with the design, change the password(s) that you gave them, just to ensure they don’t have access anymore. This may sound slightly paranoid but hey, better to be safe than sorry. The common motto of all scumbags in this industry is: “content is king”. Being independent means not giving it to them. 😉 A typical website, depending on what you want, who you go with, should be between $100. and $500. Again, all depends on what you want done. A bit of an elaborate response but I hope this answers your question. 🙂

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